Celebrating Dads!

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Time to Celebrate Dad!

Father’s Day is right around the corner.  21 June. 

Easter has come and gone. Mother’s Day went off without a hitch, albeit during a pandemic, but still mom had her day.  Now it’s Dad’s turn.

The ever present question...? What to get him? I know it never seems that way, but there are a variety of gift options for dad.  He’s not as complex as we think.  Start by asking a question.  Is your man a sportsman, outdoorsman or better yet handy with the grill?  Based on your answers. Start shopping.  

Why not celebrate our favorite father with two of his favorite things – barbeque and a refreshing beverage.  Try his favorite Bourbon or Lager.  A nice grill or grill set.  Or better yet on that sunny Sunday in June, make him feel appreciated and pampered with a nice cross body or lap top bag, or even a gift basket filled with his favorite toiletries.  Get him a tee time at a great course or monogrammed golf balls, or tickets to his favorite sporting event.  Men love accessories too.  A nice watch or cool hat, and a sweet T-shirt.  


Need some inspiration check out the Country Living article ‘65 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas to Surprise Dad With This Year.’  Whatever you choose make it special to him and let the great man in your life know you appreciate him.




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