Fall in Love with Cool Weather Accessories

Posted by Rai Taylor on

It’s not quite sweater weather or maybe it is.  Either way, I can’t wait to bust out my cute boots.  But while we think about all that cool weather gear, we must also consider the change in the accessories that go with. And attention must be paid.  Just as there is summer clothing and fall clothing, there are also accessories for the seasons.  So while the sad time has come to put away our beloved summer favorites, do not fret.  For it is time to begin our fall accessory conversion.  This is a wonderful time.  A season change means we get to change our look and we get to shop.  The change over from summer to fall is pretty simple to do.  Begin by reading Who What Wear.com’s article  “5 Accessory Trends to Leave Behind This Fall—and the 5 to Wear Instead.”  Next, if you don’t already have these pieces in your fall/winter rotation, time to get started.  We know there are so many accessory choices available, and if you’re a fashionista or fashion hound who likes to change your look often always look for affordable versions of your favorites.

Now, focus.  For fall 2020 you’ll want to go bigger.  Chunky jewelry is best.  Charm necklaces and bracelets, statement rings and earrings.  Even bags should be bigger and bolder.  “Big bags” are it for fall.  But, cute lady like bags and those cute scrunchy bags are not forgotten.  They should, however, be in bold beautiful rich colors.  And just because it’s fall doesn’t mean the sun don’t shine, so you will still need cool looking eye protection.  Making the rounds this fall are those starlet like teeny tiny sunglasses, and the cat-eye shade is back...again.

Of course, make your fall look your own.  That is what style is all about, but starting with these basic, trending accessories you are sure to get your gear in order.


Thanks to WhoWhatWear.com