The Holiday Season is Here!

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Sans pandemic, there are still small parties and gatherings being planned.  So you must be prepared.  You could get invited.  There are Thanksgiving dinners, the Office Christmas party, and OMG... New Year’s Eve.

This means there are potentially several different sets of attire to plan, hairstyles to get done and oh yes... accessories to buy.

Which accessories?  We’ll discuss.

Let’s start with keeping warm.

Not everything is about glitz and glam.  Sometimes you just want to be warm.. and well stylish.  Scarves and ponchos are always in fashion.  Normally you would select ones in beautiful warm, soft colors,  but for the holidays go bold and bright.  Reds and bright blue hues would go nicely with that little black dress or pants suit.

Now on to the glitz and glam.  Nothing brings on the glitter like jewelry. The holidays is one of the best times to go bold and be extravagant.  Like beautiful chandelier earrings or a pretty statement necklace.  If you prefer smaller pieces, it’s ok to layer your jewelry.  Adding several dainty bracelets with a single layer necklace an a cute pair of diamond or gold earrings.

Let’s not forget rings and and watches too.

A simple gold ring with a delicate gold or silver watch can add to an ensemble more than any other accessory; or maybe you want to make a statement with a large jeweled ring or big faced watch.

And Ladies... the bag.  Yes.  We all know it’s all about the bad.  It doesn’t have to be designer bags, but it must be gorgeous, chic and functional.  It’s important.  The perfect bag, will finish the look, but it must hold your lipstick, your phone, and other important lady stuff.

The holidays are still happy and we all still dress to impress.  Start early and have fun!

It’s all about you.  Your look is your own.

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