Valentine’s Day

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February 14th, Valentine’s Day is all about love.  Romantic love, family, and platonic. Usually men and women converge on stores and shops around the world before Valentine’s Day, looking for the perfect gift for that special someone. Some plan their gift weeks in advance, others are a little last minute.

But no matter where you fall on this V day shopper’s scale, you can always pick the perfect gift.  Shopping analysts say the most common Valentine’s gifts are lingerie, jewelry, flowers, chocolates, and cards. 

But according to an online Good HouseKeeping article, 50 Valentine's Day Gifts for Her That Are More Unique Than Flowers, “jewelry and house plants to slippers and perfume, these ideas are way better than a bouquet. While, flower deliveries, gourmet chocolates and teddy bears are classic gifts for a reason, think outside the box.”

You should start by thinking about the giftee.  What makes them special to you? Get them a gift that expresses that. Simple.

Valentines Day is meant to be the day we show the ones we love, how much we love them, by bestowing them with something just as special. 

So get out there, find your special someone that perfect gift.  There’s a gift for everyone.  And when it comes from you.  They’ll love it!


Happy Valentine’s Day💕



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